‘Hallelujah Anyhow’ – Be thankful in the storms

HARPER-BARBARA-SIG-NEWThe book of Habakkuk was written during a time of judgment. It was a time when the king of Judah led the people away from God. As a result, God was preparing to judge the nation. Habakkuk cannot understand why God doesn’t draw the people back to Himself and to righteousness.

Habakkuk argues his case, but he ends up thanking God for who God is and for the unchanging benefits that belong to those who know Him. He says, “although” and “yet.” “Although the fig tree shall not blossom …” and I don’t understand all that is happening, “yet” I will rejoice in the Lord. As Rev. Clay Evans sings, “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

So, regardless of how things may look on the surface – you may lose a job, have health or financial problems – you have a reason to say “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

Thank God that He never changes. Circumstances change, but God never does. You may not be able to rejoice in your situations, but you can always rejoice in our God: the God you can depend on in desperate times, the God you can trust in troublesome times, the God you can believe during unbelievable times. You can trust Him at all times.

Thank God His salvation never ceases. Things might get bad in this life, but these things do not affect your salvation. Salvation does not depend on things going great. Salvation rests on God’s grace. The word “salvation” applies to more than just the soul. Things may get bad here, but this world is not your true home. We are headed to a better land. Praise God because the Lord has been good here, but the best is yet to come. God’s salvation never ceases. Therefore, we can say “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

Our strength does not lie within us. The Lord is our strength. When you think you are unable to stand, God helps you. When you think you can’t go on, God moves you. When you are in the deep valley, God leads you to higher places. “High places” speaks of the mountaintops, where the deer is free from the dangers found below. Habakkuk is telling us that God enables him (Habakkuk) to rise above his circumstances and that God gives him the strength to stand above the battle and to enjoy precious freedom in the Lord. In other words, Habakkuk is saying, God gives all people peace in midst of their problems.

God enables His children to stand when their own strength fails. Therefore, you can say, “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

In his trials, Habakkuk learned some valuable lessons. These were lessons that all of God’s children need to learn. Habakkuk learned that God is our salvation and our strength. He learned to trust and rejoice in God, giving him a real reason to say, “Hallelujah Anyhow!”

Remember, you have every reason to be thankful like Habakkuk. So, regardless of what you might be facing today, trust and believe in God, lean on God and rejoice in God saying, “Hallelujah Anyhow!” Amen.

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