Severed gas line prompts Walmart evacuation

By David Knopf/News Editor

A roofer inadvertently severed a natural gas line on the Richmond Walmart roof last Thursday morning, prompting management to evacuate shoppers and employees.

When Richmond firefighters were dispatched to the store just before 10:15, department officials said building occupants had already been ushered into the parking lot.

Richmond police responded, too, Fire Chief Lonnie Quick said, and blocked off entrances to the lot.

“We just shut the natural gas off at the meter,” said Quick, one of five firefighters responding.

Quick said Empire Gas was called in as a precaution.

The roofer who cut the 1-inch line notified store management, according to the chief, prompting the evacuation.

The complete story is in the Monday, Aug. 3, 2015 Richmond News.

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