After 100 years, courthouse roof in need of rehab

By Sara Seidel/Richmond News

Some things just aren’t built to last, but don’t put the Ray County Courthouse roof on that list.

It’s nearly 100 years old – watch for ceremonies honoring the building’s centennial, by the way – and it’s showing signs of its decades of covering almost all the county’s activities.

“It’s lasted 100 years,” said Eastern District Commissioner Allen Dale, “but maintaining a flat roof is an ongoing proposition.

Much of the roof is covered by a rolled-on membrane that seals joints and keeps out water. Part of roof, however, is covered by red tiles, and some are cracked, Dale said. Those cracks are allowing water to seep in.

The commission is trying to find a red sealant to spray over the tiles and cover the cracks.

Commissioners have asked Taber’s Products and Arnthane Inc., local businesses that develop and sell such products, whether either company has a suitable one for the job.

Dale said the roof underwent a major renovation about eight years ago. It was resealed about two years ago and is due for another resealing treatment.

The complete story is in the Thursday, July 23, 2015 Richmond News.

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