Richmond youth baseball, softball weathering rainy season

By Shawn Roney/For the Richmond News

The heavy spring rains haven’t stopped Richmond youth baseball and softball from being played, although they’ve presented some challenges, according to volunteer coach Glen Martin.

On at least three occasions, Martin “was 100 percent positive we weren’t going to play baseball” because of wet grounds, he said during a June 16 interview at Richmond City Hall, along with Haley Williams, recreation director; and Terry Dickey, parks superintendent. Somehow, Dickey and his grounds crew got the field playable.

“(It was) really pretty amazing,” said Martin, who coaches at the machine pitch level. “You’d be out there at noon and there … (would be) standing water … (at) shortstop at Legion Field and we were playing ball by 6 o’clock – and the field was not, in any way, a detriment to being able to play.

“They’ve done a great job of being communicative and proactive and letting people know what’s going on. I can’t say enough about what Terry and his crew have done with the fields themselves. They have been more than just playable; they have been excellent in the face of some really crummy conditions.”

Dickey admitted he and his crew have worked on the fly many times to get the fields playable this season.

“People (will) say, ‘(Are) you going to play?’ (I’ll say), ‘Yeah, we’re going to play.’ And then, (at) like a quarter to four, I’m like, ‘(Grunt), did I really tell them they’re going to play?’ ” he said. “But they played.”

The complete story is in the Thursday, June 25, 2015 Richmond News.

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