Committee weighing economic development priorities

By JoEllen Black-Richmond News Publisher

In what was a living room of a Kansas City home along State Line Road is now the headquarters of Idle Smart, makers of a high-tech gadget that monitors the heat of over-the-road truck engines. It automatically turns the engine on and off, saving fuel consumption while maintaining a comfortable temperature in the cab.

The company’s bare-bones operation in Kansas City’s Startup Village of micro businesses was one of inspiration for some Richmond city officials and those on the city’s steering committee for economic development who toured the site Jan. 28.

“The take-away (from the tour), with a little bit of creative entrepreneurship, little businesses can establish relatively easy with an idea or product,” City Administrator Ron Brohammer said.  “The backbone of America is small businesses. Everybody has the dream; it can be done in a living room of a house.”

The village, brought to reality by the introduction of Google Fiber in that neighborhood, consists of micro-businesses with minimal building space – ones accomplishing significant work with the help of ultra-fast speed Internet and being in a place that encourages sharing ideas and information.

The complete story is in the Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015 Richmond News.

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