Letters to the Editor

Lack of volume detracted from important rededication ceremony

To the Editor

I attended the rededication of the courthouse cornerstone Friday, Sept. 12.  It was a very nice and important service.
Sadly, while well attended, it was hard to hear most of what was said in the program.  Between the road traffic, wind and general openness, the voices were drowned out.
I would like to suggest that the community look into some sort of a sound system to use on these occasions.  I was fortunate and heard most of it, but it was a strain.
I know that there were plenty in attendance who couldn’t hear any or most of it.  I thank you for taking this into consideration.

– Respectfully,
Barbara Pierce

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement

To the Editor

I would like to thank each and every one of you who sent me cards and supported me when I was sick.
It meant a lot to me to know that I have made some good friends over my life.
I will not be coming to our class reunion this year.  I am not quite well enough for such a journey, but I will be there in spirit.  I will send something for Hooney to read.  Not to worry, it won’t be too graphic.
If you see Clara Ann Wickstrom, Max or Huetta Snelling and Jack Odell, give them my thanks. (I don’t have their Emails).
While I was in the hospital I found out that I was amphibious. I can use either hand equally well.

– Your friend
Bob “Rabbit” Smith

Editor’s note: Robert Smith is a member of the Richmond High School Class of 1957. He lives in Panama City, Fla., and contributes items for the Opinion Page and papers near his home.

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