Jo’s Jottings: Kiwanis to sponsor golf tournament

By Jo Ellen Dale

Richmond Kiwanis Club held two meetings last Tuesday, one at noon and one at 6 p.m. One of the main topics was the golf tournament to be held later this month, and the other was a report on the MO-ARK convention attended by some of the officers and members of the club.
• • •
Wednesday morning I joined the other members of the Breakfast Club and, as always, it was a pleasure. I had to leave earlier than usual in order to attend my book club meeting. This month we read one titled, “ Five Quarters of Orange.” We all agreed that it was well written and the plot skillfully constructed. Of course there were a few criticisms. Next month we will read a nonfiction, “Letters to a Woman Homesteader,” written by Elinore Pruitt Stewart.
• • •
Wednesday afternoon I volunteered in the hospital gift shop. Again, I remind you that new merchandise is coming in all the time and no sales tax is charged. Come out and browse around.
• • •
Friday as is my custom I went to Rotary club and heard a very interesting program given by Jim Schmidt on the Rotary International project to dig wells in search of clean water in African countries. During the business meeting there was a discussion of Rotary members gathering in Kansas City and the need for volunteer drivers to pick up delegates at the airport. Unfortunately while I was in the club, there was such a downpour of rain that we could hardly see the course and I had left my car windows open.  You can imagine the result.
• • •
Sunday after church, I joined Bonnie Pointer McCalley and other Methodist friends for lunch at The 19th Hole restaurant.  I was promised some news about a big party going on but it has not come in yet.  When it does I will add to this column.
• • •
Had a nice online visit with my niece in Savannah, Ga. on Monday, Labor Day.  I also had another e-mail from my brother in law, Earle.  He and his wife, Ann, live in a lovely retirement center in Plantation, Fla.  He sends greetings to any here who remember him.

Also on Monday, I had lunch at The 19th Hole restaurant and I was happy to find it open.  Hope all of you enjoyed the holiday and will be rested and ready for the rest of the work week.

– Keep sending your news,

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