1914 Editorial: With the Great War under way, U.S. remains place ‘where love and science are the ideals, not blood and iron’

On August 1, Europe practically closed up her hotels and railways, and went into the killing business. A good many curiosity seekers may go abroad next summer, much as a crowd of ghouls assemble wherever there is a railroad wreck or boiler explosion. But others are likely to find Europe in turmoil for years.
The war ought to give every American a renewed respect for his fatherland. While the powers of Europe have been loading themselves up with barbarous implements of wholesale murder, America has been making better highways, lighting its cities, removing disease by sanitation and improving its farm methods.
There ought to be now in every American heart a greater affection for his own land. It should stand for him as the land of peace, as the land where love and science and labor are the ideals, not blood and iron. Let him then, until Europe repents of its follies and insanities, see what God and the hand of man have done for his own soil.

Printed in The Richmond News Sept. 17, 1914, reprinted from the St. Joseph News-Press.

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