Jack: Readers share the what, where, why and when of cussing

By Jack Hackley

I really enjoy and appreciate receiving letters.  However, it is really a compliment to receive one from a fellow columnist, who is also a graduate of University of Missouri Journalism School.
Lowell Newsom, Keytesville, who reads my column in the Moberly Monitor-Index:  “Hello Jack, enjoy your columns.  Just the right amount of length, and most often I agree with your principles.”
He went on to ask several other questions, and later sent me another e-mail saying he loved the cussing article.
I need to clarify the article about my dad being a good cusser.  Unlike his son, he never cussed in public or cussed anyone out to their face.  I doubt anyone else ever knew he ever said a profanity, including my mother and sister.
I received the following e-mail from Bob Nance, who is the executive director of the Excelsior Springs Chamber of Commerce and reads my article in the Excelsior Springs Standard: “I grew up on Wednesday night volunteer firefighters meetings.  My dad would take me from age 9 to 13.  You talk about cussing, they were the best.  It did not affect me much because I do not care to cuss because it doesn’t help the situation.
“However, in my basic training in the military, you had to cuss to get someone to listen to what you had to say.  I see you said your dad could cuss without repeating.  I delivered groceries to a guy who would curse in every sentence and he wasn’t even ticked about anything.  Terry could use the F-word as every part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) in the same sentence.  What a talent! I enjoy your writings.. Bob”
I received an interesting letter that I hadn’t thought about from Leonard Stoll, who reads my column in the Concordian: “Just read your article on “Got to Sell It”. I have a related thought.  Isn’t it interesting the media is always working against an American industry, the ethanol industry.  If they get that shut down, won’t we be buying more oil and gas from terrorists in Iran, Iraq, etc., and from terrorists who caused the 9/11 loss of lives in New York? Isn’t that like buying Japanese cars?”  Leonard Stoll, Corder.

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