Postcards: Events pack county calendar

By Linda Emley

A few days ago, a friend told me that I was so lucky because I was always planning another party. I laughed and told him that “hosting” a party is totally different from going to a party and having fun. Don’t get me wrong. I love putting together a special event, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.
I spend many hours each week planning the next “event” and always have more than a few on my calendar. If I ever lost my date book, it would be a total disaster.
I worked for TWA’s computer company more than 25 years and got to plan several parties for our group while I worked there. We always had carry-in dinners and decorated our office.
One of my favorite parties was the Halloween party when we all dressed up like characters from TV shows from the past. I was Lisa Douglas from Green Acres. I even took my concrete pig to work and told everyone that it was Arnold. I dressed up in high heels and wore my grandmother’s diamond watch and diamond ring. I told everyone that the diamonds weren’t real, but my family later broke up her watch and made several rings out of it. When I wear my ring, I always have a flash back to that one day when I got to be Lisa Douglas.
I’m working on several projects and want to share some of them in hopes that more people can join in on the fun.
My next party is this Thursday. Ray County Library and Ray County Historical Society are co-hosting a Meet the Author program at the library Community Room. Everyone is welcome to come and meet Larry Wood, author of “The Siege of Lexington, Missouri.” This meeting will serve as a quarterly carry-in dinner for the historical society. Everyone is invited. Please bring a vegetable or dessert dish. Meat, drinks and tableware will be provided.

For the complete story, see the July 21 print edition of the Richmond News.

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