Orrick school repaired, patched for Aug. 13 opening

By Russ Green-Richmond News Staff

With an eye on the Aug. 13 opening day and another toward the future, Orrick Superintendent Aerin O’Dell and the Orrick Board of Education have had a busy summer as the district repairs damages from the May 10 tornado.

The cafeteria roof has been replaced, but work continues on the gym roof. O’Dell said the goal to finish replacing the gym roof is Aug. 4 so the Orrick volleyball team can begin practice. Small repairs continue throughout the building, but Monday night’s storm that brought high winds and 2 ½ inches of rain caused a small setback. The storm tore up part of the temporary roof on the gym and caused some flooding on the floor.

O’Dell said the flooding resulted in only minor damage to the floor, and she still believes the gym roof can be finished in the next two weeks.

The remainder of the repairs to the roof will be patchwork until it can be completely replaced next year.

“We think we have the leaks contained, so it’s not like somebody is going to be sitting in a room where water is pouring in,” O’Dell said. “With the rain like Monday night, we were able to find some water spots. It’s not bad enough where water is pouring through, but I think we will just have to keep repairing throughout the school year until we can get the rest replaced.”

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