Letters: Debating Amendment I, ‘The Right to Farm’

Amendment 1 helps ‘big Ag,’ not farmers

Agriculture, faith, animal welfare and health policy leaders say passage of Amendment 1 will cause harm to family farmers, rural economies and the environment. The cost of inaction is too high if irresponsible legislators, who are bought and paid for by big Ag, are allowed to threaten the future of Missouri’s family farmers.
Missourians already have the Right to Farm. Adding Amendment 1 to our constitution will prevent third class counties (89 of Missouri’s 114) from enacting laws on CAFOs (Confined Area Feeding Operations), laws that protect our water, air and health. Amendment 1 doesn’t give family farmers the right to farm, it only guarantees powerful special interests the Right to Harm.
There are many compelling reasons why Missourians should vote no on Amendment 1: It will grant special protections to puppy mills and “Big Ag” special interests, it will result in costly litigation over farming practices, it will guarantee foreign corporations the right to own Missouri farm land – food safety, the environment, animal welfare, and local control will be pushed aside for foreign corporations, puppy mills, and big Ag corporations like Cargill and Monsanto.
– Amanda Good, Kevin Stamps for the Humane Society of Missouri

‘Right to Farm’ would protect rural way of life from ‘well-funded, out-of-state groups’


We are blessed to have a strong business community, built on deep roots in agriculture. The relationships between farmers and those who support them have helped our region grow, and provided for a broad range of opportunities for all who live in our area. I consider myself fortunate to make my home in an area so connected to agriculture.
Taking care of our land is something my family and I take very seriously. We work hard to be good neighbors, support our community and plan for the future. Our farm has not only provided for generations, it and this community are our family’s home. I am proud to be able to share the farm with my children and I look forward to giving them the opportunity to do the same for generations to come.
Giving them that opportunity requires protecting the way of life we enjoy here in rural Missouri. On Aug. 5, we’ll vote on Amendment 1, the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment. The amendment ensures that decisions about the future of farming in our state are made here, rather than potentially leaving them in the hands of well-funded, out-of-state groups. It doesn’t give anyone a free pass or set regulations aside, but it does mean that if my grandchildren want to farm the land that’s been in our family for generations, they’ll be working with their community, their neighbors, rather than special interest groups who may have no connection to Missouri or agriculture.
My family and I support Amendment 1, and hope you’ll join us in voting ‘Yes’ Aug. 5.

– Ronnie Russell

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