Jo’s Jottings: Kiwanians have two chances to learn about Battle of Albany weekend

By Jo Ellen Dale

On Tuesday, June 24, the Richmond Kiwanis Club held meetings at noon and in the evening.  There were more in attendance than last month, which pleased me as I sincerely hope that we can continue the evening meetings.
The program at both meetings was given by Linda Emley concerning the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Albany in Ray County.  Reenactment events for the battle be held Oct. 24-26.
Wednesday was a busy day for me.  Breakfast with friends at Our Place and on to a P.E.O. coffee at the home of Nancy Jones, with the program given by Kathryn Jackson. It was on the state convention, which was very interesting.  From there I hurried out to the hospital as it was my day to work in the gift shop.  Once again I recommend the gift shop  as new merchandize is coming in all the time and no sales tax is charged.  There is also a table full of items that are 50 percent off. While at the hospital I was introduced to the new administrator, Earl Sheehy. I am sure he will make changes beneficial to the hospital.
I just had an Instant Message chat with my cousins in Texas, Jane and Joe Hellmann telling me that my son Chuck had arrived for a short visit that they were all enjoying. He came there from Arkansas, where he played golf with his nephew Chris and also visited with Ken Simmons.
For the complete story, see the July 3 print edition of the Richmond News.

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