Guest Opinion: Growing food looks easy – until you try it

By Blake Hurst

City councils in Cleveland, Alexandria, Va. and Chicago have all recently passed resolutions banning the administration of antibiotics to farm animals, unless they’re sick — the animals, not the city councils.
City councils pass resolutions all the time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if each of these distinguished groups has opinions on football team names, investments in the Middle East and global warming as well. It’s much easier to pass resolutions than it is to actually govern. Perhaps when Chicago’s murder rate is lower than rural Missouri’s, when their pension plan is fully funded and when the potholes are fixed, then we might have some interest in their thoughts on the food supply.
It seems that the further people get from the farm, the more opinions they have about how food ought to be produced. When your only connection to the growing of crops and animals is paying the monthly bill to a lawn care company, farming seems pretty darned easy. I’m convinced there are more than a few of our city cousins who unknowingly hire the local yard service to spread a monthly dose of pesticides and chemical fertilizers on their lawns, while at the same time frequenting the organic aisles of their local grocery store.

For the complete story, see the July 17 print edition of the Richmond News.

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