Election 2014: ‘Giving back’ motivates McGinnis election bid

By Sara Seidel, Staff Writer

Editor’s note: Ray County Presiding Commissioner Bob King is retiring from that post at the end of this term, and five candidates—three Democrats and two Republicans—are vying for their party’s nod to compete in the general election in November. This is the third in a series of stories introducing those candidates.

Phil McGinnis

Phil McGinnis

Phil McGinnis wants to “give back” to the county that’s been his lifelong home, so he’s seeking the Democratic nomination for Ray County Presiding Commissioner.
“I want to improve and continue the opportunities that are here,” he said. “It’s a good county.”
A Richmond High School graduate, McGinnis attended college before being drafted and serving in the U.S. Army three years. Now retired, he worked in various capacities in the construction field for 35 years. During his career, he acquired an understanding of building codes and developed useful contacts with others in the field.
McGinnis was a member of the Richmond School Board for 12 years and served as board president. In that capacity, he was involved in the budgeting process.
He says his work and board membership have given him experience in the budgeting and bidding processes. He’s been on both sides of the bidding process: submitting bids and receiving them. The process is more complex than simply accepting the lowest bid, he says.
“You have to find the best value,” he said. “It’s not necessarily the lowest price.”
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