Letter: Sidewalk money isn’t free, it’s ours

To the Editor

Well, really it’s your taxes being spent for what they call the “Sidewalks-to-Schools” program. They will be tearing out new sidewalks in good condition, sending the good sidewalks to be used as fill somewhere, and replacing them with new sidewalks that are much wider. About eight inches wider.
Whern I inquired who is paying for the new, wider sidewalks, I was told, “Oh, it’s free money from the Feds.”
No, it’s my tax money!
Good luck if you live in Ward I where there are no sidewalks. You will have to walk down the middle of the pot-hole-filled streets, where surely you can find a way to make it to South Street without being run over and get on our new “Freeway-to-Walmart Sidewalk.”
Get me some more of that “free money.”

– Jim Rippy, Richmond

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