Jack Remembers: Some close-by destinations more worth waiting for than others

By Linda Emley

Today I had a Facebook friend from Texas walk into the museum. I got a hug and then we spent the day hanging out on the hill.
Over dinner, we found out that we share some of the same DNA because we have common ancestors, John and Amy Phillips. Tomorrow we are going to climb in the truck with Dwight Pettus and go visit the graves of our ancestors. The following story is about my first trip to the Pettus Cemetery a couple of years ago.
Last week I went on an adventure and didn’t even have to leave Ray County. It was a nice spring day and I was on a mission with a lady named Marilyn from Oklahoma and Dwight Pettus from Elkhorn. The three of us had never met before, but we had a common goal of visiting our ancestors in the Pettus Cemetery.

For the complete story, see the June 26 print edition of the Richmond News

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