Cut to the Chase: Having no farm background helps me

By Robert Overmann

Having completed my junior year at Truman State University, I’ve learned about a myriad of academic subjects – English, history, physics, chemistry, biology, philosophy and more.
But, in spite of the breadth of my education, one of the most glaring holes was the field of agriculture. I’ve never lived on a farm, never worked on a farm and, until a few weeks ago, didn’t even know which crops are classified as row crops. If I weren’t able to purchase my food at grocery stores, I’d undoubtedly starve.
This summer is hardly a break from my education – if anything, it’s been an educational experience more demanding than ever. This time, I’m not learning about Russian literature or about the philosophy of Kant. No, my education with Missouri Farm Bureau has been more down and dirty, one might say.
It’s been nothing short of a crash course in Missouri agriculture.

For the complete story, see the June 23 print edition of the Richmond News.

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