Area state representative named ‘Freshman Legislator of the Year’ for work with jobs

Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, R-Carrollton, has received the “Freshman Legislator of the Year Award” for his work as an advocate for job creation.
“I firmly believe actions speak louder than words and as an elected official, those actions are crucial to the well-being of our constituents. I commend Rep. McGaugh on his actions promoting job creation; showing firsthand that their actions demonstrate leadership for the people of his district and state,” said House Speaker Tim Jones.
According to Jones, through his role as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture Policy, Rep. McGaugh helped promote legislation that will help generate jobs in the 39th District and throughout Missouri; specifically those associated with the agricultural industry, being the state’s largest industry.
During this past legislative session Rep. McGaugh sponsored several pieces of legislation to change the state’s laws as they related to workers’ compensation insurance. Among other things, the proposed legislation would have allowed employers in the construction industry to be treated more fairly in regards to workers’ compensation insurance; only having to purchase workers’ compensation if they have five or more employees. Although HB 1609 was not passed this session, it is legislation that Rep. McGaugh plans to bring back next year, he said.
“This bill would have reduced the regulations put on small construction companies across our state. While the bill was defeated this year, I am glad I had the opportunity to fight for my constituents, deregulation and small businesses” said Rep. McGaugh, “I am looking forward to next year’s legislative session as I will continue to fight to decrease burdens imposed on Missouri’s small business.”
“There are 1,816 businesses that provide a countless number of jobs in my district; it is my duty to come to Jefferson City to represent and fight for them. More money in their pocket and less to the government means job growth and economic opportunity for all Missourians” McGaugh said.

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