We encourage kids not to use their phones while driving; that applies to adults as well, right?

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter after a close call I had. We as adults have told our children not to text or talk when driving. I think phone use by adults should apply, too.
I was at a stop light at the intersection near McDonald’s waiting for the light to change. When it was my turn, I proceeded to make my turn when I looked to see a truck making a very quick stop. The man was on his cell phone … a distracted driver.
Thankfully, he was able to stop or I would have been t-boned.
I will admit I have made the occasional phone call while driving, but after this close call, I think from now on it can wait.
As an adult, I realize some people think that since we are older and more experienced in driving, that it’s OK, nothing will happen if we make a call.
But it only takes a blink of an eye for something to happen that might have been avoided if we just concentrated on driving.
It’s time to use our driving skills again. Yield signs don’t mean to go ahead and shoot out in front of oncoming traffic, as I have by the Walmart off-ramp from Highway 210.
I have seen people just pull into traffic and cut across two lanes of traffic, cutting people off.
My life and yours are important, and if it takes you a couple of more minutes to get where you are going, so be it. I rather take my time than end up in a hospital or worse.
Also, as a reminder, pedestrians do have the right of way at stop signs. I don’t know how many times I have tried to cross the street near the courthouse, for example, and drivers are unaware of pedestrians trying to cross.
Once again, most of the time they are on the phone. I have gotten to the point where I will wait until they make eye contact with me before I try to cross.
I just want for everyone to stay safe this summer.

– Betty Grigsby

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