Ray County, two others partner in ‘Uncorked in the Country: Women’s Agricultural Discovery Tour’

Ray, Lafayette and Johnson Counties will co-host their Annual Women Landowner Ag Conference June 5,  with this year’s event billed “Uncorked in the Country: Women’s Agricultural Discovery Tour.”
The day will begin with sign-in at 2 p.m. at Fahrmeier Farms, 9300 Mitchell Trail, south of Lexington.
At 2:30, participants will begin the first of three tours at Fahrmeier. During the “High Tunnels-High Potential Tour,” participants will discover the benefits of growing vegetables and fruits in high tunnel structures.  They will learn how to extend the growing season and modify the plant environment and learn what it takes to build and maintain a high tunnel for use in specialty crops production.
In the “Uncork the Sun’s Potential” segment, participants will learn the ins and outs of a solar panel system and discover how farm-scale renewable energy and conservation can reduce farm energy costs and help the environment.
“Matchmaking 101” follows, with participants discovering how to match the best wine to serve with different foods.
After the Fahrmeier Farms Tours, participants will travel to La Bella Winery, 11644 Flournoy School Rd., in Wellington to take part in “The Corner of Sunshine and Vine Tour” and discover the essential elements of running a successful vineyard.
Participants will then learn the management-intensive wine-making process from start to finish in the “Vine to Wine Tour.”
After the tours are completed,  there will be a short presentation from Custom Ag Solutions followed by a dinner from Nadler’s Catering.
After dinner, the keynote presentation “Cooking and Life Lessons with the Chicks from the Sticks” will be presented by Jill Schwalbe-Means. Tickets are $20 a person.
Those interested in participating in the Annual Women Landowner Ag-Conference should contact the Lafayette County Extension at 660-584-3658 and register by May 28.
Participation is limited to 140 participants.

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