Guest Opinion: Damaging consequences to override of 509 veto

The Coalition for Missouri’s Future is outraged that legislators would choose to do the bidding of wealthy special interests rather than protect services that benefit all Missourians.
The revenue losses resulting from SB 509 will create shortfalls that can’t help but reduce funding available for education, health and social services, and infrastructure. Of course, by cowardly delaying implementation until many legislators are out of office, legislators won’t have to face voter wrath when Missourians begin to suffer the consequences of this tax scheme. What’s more, when it becomes clear that these tax cuts aren’t the panacea promised by their supporters, legislators can’t turn back because of the state’s Hancock amendment.
While it will be applauded by out-of-state ideological extremists and their Missouri counterparts, the override of SB 509’s veto will be devastating to Missouri, and Missourians.

– Coalition for Missouri’s Future

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