Liens, other financial issues unresolved for funeral chain

By David Knopf/Richmond News

Polley Funeral Homes, LLC erased a $2,307.96 tax lien on its property in 2014, but four others valued at $12,601.57 remain outstanding, according to Shirley O’Dell, Ray County’s recorder of deeds.

Circuit Court Judge David Miller imposed tax liens late last year and early in 2014 on Polley funeral homes in Excelsior Springs (Wood Heights), Lawson and Richmond in response to filings by a department of revenue attorney, Desiree Jude Vitale.

Delinquent tax payments – due on four different dates – for  $3,095.70, $3,098.10, $3,310.91 and $3,096.86 remain unpaid, according to O’Dell’s records. Miller’s rulings to impose liens on Polley properties were handed down in November 2013, and then in January and February 2014.

The payment Polley made this year was the smallest of the five then outstanding.

Polley financial issues also are impacting a state license to sell preneed contracts and a city license to do business in Wood Heights.

According to the discipline section on the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors Web site, a Polley preneed seller’s license due for renewal by Nov. 1, 2012 was suspended and has yet to be reinstated.

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