Letter: Time to reform Medicaid, not just ‘put lipstick on a special-interest pig’

To the Editor:

As this year’s Missouri legislative session approaches its end, one of the biggest issues before our representatives is whether they will reform the state’s broken Medicaid program, or whether they will expand it under Obamacare.
They should choose reform, period. Missourians have made it clear again and again that they reject the health law passed in 2010. That rejection comes from a sound philosophical, fiscal and moral basis, as Obamacare not only failed to fix the problems of American health care, but doubled down on them, to the detriment of millions.
Rebranding Obamacare in Missouri as a health care “transformation” is just lipstick on a special- interest pig. Legislators should know better.

Patrick Ishmael
Policy Analyst
Show-Me Institute

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