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A recount by county clerk staff finds a tie for third Hardin-Central board seat;
run-off election May 6

A Tuesday, May 6, a special election has been called to determine who’ll fill the final open seat for Hardin-Central C-2 Board of Education.  The run-off is between candidates Jeff Doyle and Stacy Nolker. The election takes place 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 6, at the three precincts – Hardin City Hall, Millville United Methodist Church and Stet Fire Station – in the school district’s boundaries.

Hardin-Central administration Monday asked Ray County Clerk Glenda Powell and her staff to recount the votes in the tight race between Doyle and Nolker, Powell said Tuesday. They found Doyle and Nolker tied with 113 votes each, The unofficial April 8 election summary report for all precincts and absentees showed Doyle edging Nolker by 9 votes.

In keeping with state law, Superintendent Martin Griffin gave Doyle and Nolker the options for settling their deadlock. They could settle it by “casting lots” or a coin toss, he said.

“They (the school district) asked candidates and the candidates both preferred to have an election,” the county clerk said. “It is costly, but it will take away any doubt.”

Griffin estimated the runoff election would cost between $2,300 and $2,500.

“I signed up (to run) for (the) school board because it’s very important to me,” Nolker said. “So … I don’t want to leave it up to the toss of a coin.”

Newcomer to the board Malcolm Cunningham won a seat, as did incumbent and board president Kyle Foster.

Below are the official results of the Hardin-Central school board race:


All precincts and absentee

Jeff Smith 90

Kyle Foster 137

Kim Davidson 95

Malcolm Cunningham 147

Jeff Doyle 113

Stacy Nolker 113

Write-in 62



Jeff Smith 80

Kyle Foster 111

Kim Davidson 75

Malcolm Cunningham 137

Jeff Doyle 103

Stacy Nolker 94

Write-in 50



Jeff Smith 10

Kyle Foster 26

Kim Davidson 20

Malcolm Cunningham 10

Jeff Doyle 15

Stacy Nolker 19

Write-in 9



Jeff Smith 4

Kyle Foster 6

Kim Davidson 0

Malcolm Cunningham 2

Jeff Doyle 5

Stacy Nolker 3

Write-in 1



Jeff Smith 4

Kyle Foster 3

Kim Davidson 2

Malcolm Cunningham 3

Jeff Doyle 3

Stacy Nolker 2

Write-in 2

–Shawn Roney contributed to this story


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