Letter: School board: Why not let parents, law enforcement monitor drug use?

Dear Editor

Let me see if I’ve got this straight: An unnamed “Springfield-based company” approaches Richmond High School officials and tries to sell them a drug-testing program. There was no mention of price (and why not?), but I’m sure this unnamed company stands to make a substantial profit from this joint venture.
Let’s see what the Richmond school system stands to gain … the chance to embarrass and humiliate innocent students? Maybe a kickback from this company? A possible expensive run-in with ACLU? If I had a student in public school who was tested for drugs without my consent, that would be the first person I would call.
Come on people, don’t drink the Koo-Aid. Stick to your job of providing the best possible education for our students, and let parents and law enforcement officials handle the possible use of illegal drugs among teenagers. If the board approves of this witch hunt, maybe they should be tested by the above mentioned Springfield-based company.

– Trish Hayes, Richmond

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