Capitol Report: Spring break time to catch up, with family, Richmond leaders and others

By Joe Don McGaugh

Last week Jefferson City and the State Capitol were abandoned, as the House remained adjourned the entire week for spring break. I was able to spend my break back in Carrollton, where I was able to catch up on some much needed family time and visit with many constituents from around the district.
Spring break may mean a break from my normal legislative duties at the State Capitol, but that doesn’t mean taking a break as your state representative and I was able to keep myself plenty busy over the past week.
Last Saturday, I attended the Richmond Chamber Business Expo at Richmond Middle School. The local business fair hosted over 50 small businesses. I was able to catch up with many local business owners throughout the day, discussing their businesses and how we might be able to help small business grow at the state legislature. These locally owned businesses provide quality jobs in our communities and are the engines of our economy.
On Monday, Senator David Pearce and I were able to meet for lunch in Richmond. We had the pleasure of being joined by many of our constituents and local officials, including Richmond city officials, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, some Ray County office holders, and a few folks from the Community Bank of Richmond.
Last Tuesday evening the Chariton County Farm Bureau hosted its annual legislative dinner in Brunswick. Senator Brian Munzlinger and I were both able to attend the dinner, where we spoke band covered a variety of topics, but stuck mostly with an agricultural theme. Local Farm Bureau meetings are always some of my favorite events to attend, they’re always sure to provide a great group of folks and a night of great conversation.
I was up and at ‘em again early Wednesday morning, making my way over to Salisbury for a meeting at city hall with some of the fine gentleman who help run the city and Chariton County. I was able to visit with Salisbury Mayor Steve Kacvinsky, Tom Burkhart, the superintendent of city services, and Gary Clark, a Chariton County Commissioner.  We discussed the importance for economic development in Chariton County, including the increased burdens being imposed upon local governments by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. We also discussed the need for development of quality and affordable senior living centers in our area, at great length.
Last Wednesday I posted a challenge on my Facebook page, encouraging my friends and neighbors to help me increase the ‘Likes’ of my Facebook page. The deal is, if I can meet my goal of 1,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook by May 16th, 2014 (the last day of the legislative session) I will donate $100 dollars each to 3 different local charities in the 39th District: The Carroll County Food Pantry, Ray County Pregnancy Resource Center, and the Chariton County Community Foundation. All of these charities are doing incredible work in our communities and they sure could use a little help. Please help me reach my goal and help these charities out by liking my page if you haven’t already done so. My Facebook page can be found at

Thanks for your help!

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