Abducted child found in Rayville

A four-year-old Platte County girl was returned to her family after her abductor was found in Ray County.

Troy Stephens, of Rayville, allegedly abducted the girl outside a residence in Platte County around 12:15 p.m. Wednesday, according to Sgt. Jerin Almond of Platte County Sheriff’s Department. Stephens is believed to be the girl’s biological father, but has no parental rights to the child, he said.

Platte County located an address for Stephens in Rayville and asked for assistance from the Ray County Sheriff’s Department. Undersheriff Brian Bush said they located Stephens and the girl, unharmed, as he was driving up to his Front Street house. The child was returned to her family members later in the afternoon. Stephens will be transported to Platte County sheriff’s custody and be under a 24-hour investigative hold for impending charges.


– JoEllen Black/Richmond News

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