Rabbit Tracks: Homeless man wasn’t without resources

By Robert Smith

Wonder if you’ve heard this one: An old homeless man approached a wealthy looking man on the street and He asked him for some money because he said he was hungry.
The rich man said, “Get a job you no-good bum.”  The homeless man replied, “But sir, all I have left in the world is this 38-caliber pistol”.”
The rich man said, “Well, how much would it take to tide you over for awhile?”
As a result of our recent ice storm, all three bridges to Panama City Beach were closed.  In a word, we are stranded until the bridges opened  I wrote the following Squall to our local newspaper:
Hep me! Hep me!  I am stranded on a cold and icy island surrounded by thousands of voracious Snowbirds.
I have driven through Atlanta on nice days and it is still a nightmare.  I can’t imagine what those people went through with the ice storm.  I hate driving through Atlanta, but there is an old saying that if you had to go to Hell, you still had to go through Atlanta.
­– Stay warm, Bob
(Robert Smith, a 1957 Richmond High School graduate, is a resident of Florida.)

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