Girl’s birthday wish is gifts for shelter animals

To the Community:

Carly Bowling is one of the volunteers at the Humane Society of Ray County.  She just had a birthday and the only thing she wanted was money to buy the shelter animals things.  It was very thoughtful and kind of Carley to do this for the shelter dogs and cats.

– Thank you,
Julie Kramer, Secretary Tamara Oliva, President
Ray County Humane Society

Editor’s note: The following is a note in Carly’s own words.

My name is Carly Rae Bowling. My birthday was Feb. 17, 2001.  All I asked for my birthday was stuff for the Humane Society of Ray County shelter.
I was given $500 to buy supplies for the Humane Society for my birthday.
I love the animals up here.  My favorite is Pookie.
All the animals here are so loving and sweet.  They know tricks, dogs and cats both. I love being able to come up here on the weekends.
My Mom and I come up here on Fridays after school to make sure the animals are taken care of.

Carly Bowling

Carly Bowling

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