Caution advised after 2 scams thwarted

By JoEllen Black and David Knopf

Concern for others and the timely intervention of a Walmart employee recently helped thwart two attempted scams.
A Richmond resident returned home to find a suspicious message on her answering machine. She recorded the message and played it for the newspaper and Richmond Police Lt. Todd Herdman.
The woman later transcribed the recording, a purported call from the IRS, so it could be published here.
“This is the Internal Revenue Service. This message is for you. The very second you receive this message I need you or your retained attorney to the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. My name is Officer T.L. Roberts and the hotline to my division is 347-418-0473. I repeat the number, 347-418-0473. Don’t disregard this message and return the call. If you don’t return the call and if I don’t hear from your attorney either, then the only thing I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you. Goodbye.”
The call originated from Woodside, N.Y., part of an area code that includes parts of Queens and Brooklyn in New York City.
Lt. Herdman had heard other reports of bogus IRS calls and followed up by calling the number.
“There were several people who said they’d received phone calls from a woman,” said Herdman, whose call was answered by a man.
“They answered the phone ‘Internal Revenue Service’ and he had a Middle Eastern accent and I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying.”

See the complete story in the Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 Richmond News.

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