Rabbit Tracks: Weedy vacant parcel: I’ll dance to that

We have a tract of land near us that is right on the highway and consists of five acres.  It was going to be developed by (country music star) Alan Jackson until the housing boom collapsed.
It is partially paved but weeds and brush are growing up in it.  Every new proposal for development gets turned down for some reason.  It is now an eyesore.
For some reason it has been given the name of La Borgata, which is the name of a development that was proposed for that piece of land. Here is my published squall about it:
The latest dance craze to hit the beach is the “La Borgata”. It’s easy.  You just stand still and the brush grow up around you.
Robert Smith is a 1957 graduate of Richmond High School who now lives in Panama City. He frequently submits his Squalls and Vents to Florida newspapers.

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