County prosecutor: Pay restitution or have probation amended

By David Knopf/Richmond News

A former Hardin woman learned Friday she’d have until March 20 to resume making consistent restitution to avoid having her probation conditions include a dollar amount.

Julie Nail, convicted of taking more than $240,000 from Hardin Baptist Church and Hardin Fire Protection District while serving as their treasurers, served four months’ shock time in prison before going on probation in June 2012.

One condition of her probation was that half her net earnings would go to repay the church and the fire department. According to testimony in court last week, Nail’s restitution record included a couple $500 monthly payments – split between the church and fire district – but then began to decline.

Prosecutor Danielle Rogers said Nail’s payments dropped to $488, then $369, $300 and $172 before she missed restitution completely for two months. Nail then resumed with a payment of $100 – just $50 when split by the church and fire district, Rogers said.

“I understand the restitution is a huge amount, but it’s like a drop in the bucket,” Rogers said of the payment amounts. “I’d like to think she’ll pay that off, but in reality, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”


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