Jo’s Jottings: P.E.O. luncheon at golf course featured preview of ‘Nuncrackers’

By Jo Ellen Dale

Janet Sneed, buyer for the Ray County Memorial Hospital gift shop, writes that an Open House held Sunday, Dec. 1 was a big success and the gift shop will be open from 1 to 5 p.m. every Sunday in December.
The beautiful Christmas tree was won by Jane Happy.  Janet said she wanted to thank everyone who helped at the open house and offer a  special thanks to those who came out to buy.  I have said many times in this column that it is a great place to buy gifts, cards and other things.
Wednesday morning I was able to get to breakfast at Our Place, but Peggy Sullard was the only other regular who made it.  I almost didn’t go because of the “pea soup” type fog that we have been experiencing lately.  I would remind people that it is best to have lights, even parking lights, on to avoid accidents.
Every morning I walk at the United Christian Presbyterian Church’s Family Life Center, where I pass the antique stained glass windows that are still available for sale.  If anyone is interested they should contact the church and the windows may be viewed at any time the church is open.  These windows are beautiful, to say nothing of their priceless sentimental value.
Saturday, Dec. 7, Chapter CO of P.E.O held a Christmas luncheon at the 19th Hole restaurant.  We were served all my favorites including quiche lorraine, tossed salad, bluberry muffins, frozen fruit salad and chocolate cupcakes.  In addition to the delicious food, we were treated to a preview of the musical, “Nuncrackers”.
In spite of the freezing temperatures and snow cover, I made it to the Sunday performance of the musical and it was a joy.  I laughed so hard my ribs hurt.  Everything about it was perfect.  The only disappointing thing was the size of the audience, which I am sure was due to the bad weather.
I attended the Farris Theatre show of KC Brass with Richmondite Ken Seward on the tuba.  I was very much hoping that the attendance would be better, although I can’t say the weather was cooperating.  We need to support all these excellent shows put on at our own Farris Theatre. “Use it or lose it”.
Christmas will be here before we know it and many of you will be making trips to be with family or having guests here so I wish all of you a safe and very merry Christmas time.
Make sure to send me all your pre-holiday and holiday news. It’s a busy time of year and everyone will want to know what their neighbors and friends have been up to. As much as anyone, I love to hear about your many activities.

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