Henrietta street tax slated for April 2014 ballot

By Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News


With the readings of Bill No. 308, Ordinance No. 13-353 during Saturday morning’s Board of Aldermen meeting at City Hall, Henrietta secured its request for residents to approve the city’s street tax on the spring ballot, Mayor Vicki VanSpeybroeck said afterward.

“It’s already on the books,” VanSpeybroeck said. “It’s not an additional (tax).”

As stated in the bill/ordinance, the tax is 30 cents per $100 of “assessed valuation of said real property, in addition to the maximum rate of property tax of $1 on the $100 assessed valuation,” per the requirements of revised state statute No. 94.250. The bill/ordinance must receive 67 percent approval for the tax to be renewed.

The bill/ordinance was one of two readings during the monthly meeting. The board also approved the initial reading of Bill No. 307, Ordinance No. 13-352 to permit the mayor to renew the city’s emergency services agreement with Ray County 911.

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