Flores brings musical magic back to Farris Nov. 16

Bobby Flores

Bobby Flores

By Sara Seidel/For The Richmond News

Fans of Western swing fiddle music can share the magic when Bobby Flores takes the Farris Theatre stage Nov. 16.

The Texas fiddle player and fellow fiddlers Hank Singer and R.J. Smith, as well as Harry Ritchie’s Let It Swing, are crowd pleasers when they perform at the Farris, and this year should be no exception.

“I feel like I’ve made a connection with the folks in Richmond with the music we all love,” Flores said, “and that’s a very special thing for me.”

Flores, whose repertoire also includes country pop-rock, blues, Latin and classical tunes, says he loves performing at the historic theater.

“I completely pour my heart and soul into what I’m doing,” he said. “It’s always a magical night for me at the Farris.”

Flores says the performance – his fourth at the Farris – will include some new songs, as well as some of his favorite songs by Ray Price and Johnny Bush.

“There’s a beautiful waltz called ‘The Waltz of the Tumbleweed,’ which is a unique and haunting song,” Flores said, adding that it was written by Singer and Ron Knuth. “We’ll be including a couple of special Christmas songs, and that’s going to be fun.”

Flores says he, Singer and Smith produce “quite a sound” when they perform together.

Flores and Singer are long-time friends, and being on stage with Singer “is the coolest thing,” Flores says.

“He gave me my first fiddle when I was 14 years old,” Flores said.

Singer played on Faron Young’s “Four in the Morning” as a teen and then went on to record with Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Ray Price and Randy Travis, Flores says.

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