Patrons can now reserve a librarian in Ray County

By David Knopf/Richmond News

The times keep changing, and Ray County Public Library keeps changing with them.

Rochelle McCaulley, the children’s librarian whose other duties include continuing education, remembers when she came to work at the library full-time in 2004 there was a big demand for computer instruction.

So McCaulley offered classes that dealt mostly with the basics, things like browsing the Web, sending email and using a common software.

But as technology became a staple of everyday life for Ray Countians, the demand changed. Recently, it has shifted to devices such as the Kindle, which allow library users to read electronic versions of books.

As demand for group classes thinned, McCaulley said instruction requests became more individual and specialized. In response, came up with the “Reserve a Librarian Program.” Through the program, library users can contact McCaulley to schedule a personalized session tailored to a patron’s needs.


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