Letter: Ray County’s state rep offers support to Coalition’s effort to four-lane Highway 13

To the Editor:

(Editor’s note: Rep. McGaugh recently sent this letter of support to Bill Bernier, chairman of the Missouri Highway 13 Corridor Coalition.)

I write in support of the efforts the Missouri Highway 13 Corridor Coalition is making to expand Highway 13 into a four-lane highway. As the state representative for this area, I can assure you there is a definite need for an expansion of the highway. I believe investing in our infrastructure will not only provide a valuable service to the communities affected, but also help grow the overall economic activity of Missouri.
Currently, Highway 13 is essential to the communities scattered along the highway. Highway 13 connects the metropolitan areas of Kansas City and Springfield.
The highway also provides access to Truman, Stockton and Pomme de Terre lakes. Highway 13 is an indispensable access point for the operations of Whiteman Air Force Base, 28 hospitals in the region, and the 12 counties the highway stretches through.
The welfare of many communities is directly connected to Highway 13, so by investing in expanding the highway we are ultimately investing back into our communities.
The Ike Skelton Bridge (Highway 13) that spans the Missouri River is a four-lane bridge. An expansion of Highway 13 would maximize the amount of traffic the bridge could accommodate. I believe it would be irresponsible for Missouri not to utilize the bridge to its fullest potential and develop the roads leading to the bridge.
Today, we hear a lot about the economic border war between Kansas and Missouri. As you know, having well-developed infrastructure leads to greater economic activity. Having a well-developed highway system on the eastern side of Kansas City will lead to economic prosperity for the Missouri side of Kansas City – and Missouri in general.
In addition to spurring the economic development of Kansas City, expanding Highway 13 would significantly increase the economic development of local communities.
If we decide to expand Highway 13, you will directly generate economic activity to many communities and to Missouri.
With all of these reasons I ask you to please consider the efforts of the Missouri Highway 13 Corridor Coalition and expand Highway 13.

– State Rep. Joe Don McGaugh
District 39

Missouri Highway 13 Corridor Coalition is administered organized by the Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission in Concordia. You can learn more at

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