Letter: Protect your phone, purse and self

To the Editor:

I’m probably out of line, but I believe people should be warned. I had an ear infection and didn’t go to church Sunday, Oct. 20. I went to Walmart to pick up some ear drops instead.
I always park close to one of the holders for the shopping carts. I had just placed my items in the trunk of the car when a young lady approached me asking to use a cell phone.
I was probably lucky I didn’t have one. Just as I told her I didn’t have one, a man parked next to me came over and told me I should be very careful as there had been a lot of cell phones grabbed from parking lots and some people hurt.
I was glad I didn’t have one. I thanked the man, appreciated what he’d done.
As soon as the man drove off, the young lady who asked to borrow a phone jumped in a car where a young man was and drove off. So they hadn’t had car trouble after all.
I never carry a purse as I can put everything I need in a billfold, then put it under my arm while I am shopping. This makes it much harder to steal. I would be glad to help anyone in need, but I hate anyone who stoops to stealing.
There should be a way to warn people. I know people have been warned about things like this many time, but they remain careless.
I was sitting watching people go by while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled. I noticed that two out of every three people who passed by were talking on cell phones. This could cause trouble. I think it is so sad that people can’t stay off the phone long enough to shop.
I have always felt safe here in Richmond and think the police, fire and other officials in our town do a good job.
I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but I am glad I didn’t have a cell phone!
Thanks for listening.

– Rosamary Lindsey

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