Letter: As community project, flower beds thrive on caring

To the Editor:

Richmond Beautification Club has been planting flowers for 27 years. My mom and dad joined with others in the community to create the beautification project we have today.
Mom and dad started something that takes a lot of work, a lot of attention and a lot of money to sustain. The flowers along Spartan Drive and the hanging baskets downtown would have gone away when my parents were no longer able to maintain them … except for one thing. The flowers seem to be loved by people of the community.
Recently, I have been asked when we would be raising funds for the flowerbeds. We are a little late in the season with our fundraiser but we are requesting donations at this time. Donations can be sent to Richmond Beautification Club, 1000 South Camden St., Richmond 64085 or delivered to the Community Bank of Richmond (next to Walmart).
The city has a sewer project that is digging up some of the flowerbeds.  The city previously notified me that this was going to be necessary.
When this project started a few weeks ago I received numerous telephone calls asking “Did you know they are digging up the flowerbeds?” Wow, I guess the flowerbeds are very important to a lot of you! Thank you for your telephone calls … it told me you care.
Caring is a great thing, it is why I serve. I care about what my parents started and I am moved by the apparent spirit in our community to continue the flowerbeds via the Richmond Beautification Club. However, it is now a community project. If it is to continue then people will need to come forward to support it. We have a nine-person board with only six board members. We have room for three more amazing people who would love to see the flower beds continue to blossom.
We need two things right now. Making a donation to the project would be a tremendous help. However, we also need volunteers to help in many capacities, including serving on the board, which would be fantastic.
Richmond Beautification Club will only survive with energetic leadership.

– Max Hockemeier

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