Giving, receiving all in one

Head Start to use bank’s donation to upgrade a tool it uses to measure students’ development

By David Knopf/Richmond News

Donations from banks to organizations in small communities aren’t always big news, nor do the donors often learn what good their money has done.

But when Powers Alder presented an $800 check from US Bank to Richmond’s Head Start school last week, the students made sure the bank got more than just a routine thank-you..

The students presented Alder with a poster that illustrated how the bank’s donations – past and present – helped Head Start buy hands-on learning materials.

“Do I get to keep this, too?” a surprised Powers asked, not expecting anything more than the usually dry check presentation.

But the children were glad to have a visitor, especially one in a nice suit – not quite a Santa, but close.

“They made us a nice picture poster board showing some of the things they did” (with a previous donation),” the bank’s branch manager, Steve Westover, said. “It’s a nice thing to see some of the things it did and who it helped.”


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