Old hydrants added to Hardin water issues

By Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News

Hardin has another water-related issue to address.

John Gilfillan, public works director, told the Hardin Board of Aldermen during its monthly meeting Tuesday night at City Hall that “several of the older” hydrants are leaking. The process for fixing older hydrants is different than it is for replacing newer ones because of their parts, according to Gilfillan.

“You can change the guts in the newer ones,” he said. “But you can’t change these because you probably will never get the guts out of them. They don’t have valves on them, where you can actually just shut the hydrant down itself.”

The city has one replacement hydrant, which will be installed. Buying additional hydrants will cost an average of $2,500 apiece, estimated Gilfillan and Alderman Colin Chang.

In other water-related news, Gilfillan presented estimates for Hardin to have the settlement from its sewage lagoons cleaned – an issue discussed during the board’s August meeting. The first phase of cleanup, which would cover 2,000 cubic yards in one lagoon cell, would cost $35,782.

Patricia Lam, city clerk, will present some options to the board for financing the cleanup.


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