Letter to the editor: Tax-cut promises fall short on facts to support them

To the Editor:

As has been reported often recently, the Missouri legislature was to begin meeting this week in its veto override session. One of the most important topics is HB253 – the income tax cut. Those favoring, especially the Grow Missouri TV ads, make erroneous statements.
The four statements are:
1. This will keep the state from wasting money. Where in the legislation is there wording to reduce waste?
2. We have a surplus. The law says we must have a surplus. We have a surplus because we have the lowest paid state employees in the country and we have poorly funded our schools. Our legislature put in a funding formula, and will not obey the law, The situation will be even worse with less money to spend.
3. We should have the money. About 90 percent of us will be able to visit the dollar store. The wealthy, who do not need a break, will get a nice one.
4. The lower taxes will attract new businesses. Well, we have had the 6th lowest taxes for many years. How have we been doing?
Tell your legislator not to starve education, many seniors, mental health, etc. with no benefit to you.

– Martin Walsh, Glendale

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