Letter: Big-box grocery store won, but only with our help

Dear Editor:

A friend of ours was in trouble but instead of stepping up to help get them back on their feet, we turned our backs and let them fail.
Walmart has used every dirty trick in the book to put Apple Market out of business and they finally succeeded.
For all those who said “But I can’t afford to shop at Apple, I HAVE to shop at Walmart,” I hope you’re going to enjoy the new, much higher, pricing Walmart will now be using.
They don’t have anyone else to undercut, so they can raise their prices as high as they want and there’s not a damned thing any of us can do about it.
Apple treated its employees fairly, they paid them a living wage, they gave them leave time and insurance and all the money spent at Apple stayed in the community; it was owned and run by local people who cared about and contributed to our community.
Most Walmart employees are part-time and are paid so little they have to apply for food stamps and welfare. They aren’t covered by insurance and the money spent at Walmart goes to increase the bank accounts of the Walton heirs in Arkansas.
We should all be ashamed of ourselves, we let Walmart destroy most of the local businesses (there are no more clothing stores, shoe stores, drug stores, etc.) and now we’ve allowed our last local grocery store to fail; Walmart wins and everybody else loses.

– E.J. Reeder, Henrietta

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