Jo’s Jottings: A busy week with food, fun and not enough time to go around

By Jo Ellen Dale

Rev. John and Janice Johnson recently enjoyed a week’s vacation at their house in Hollister, which they have purchased as a future retirement home.  John completed several odd jobs around the house and they took a few day trips around the area.  And, of course, they enjoyed eating out at a number of the many interesting restaurants in Branson.  We are glad to have you back, John and Janice.
At the regular meeting of Richmond Kiwanis Club on Tuesday, Sept. 17, several announcements were made by Pres. Marti Cowherd.  Next Tuesday, the annual banquet will be held with installation of new officers and special guests Gov. Gary Goebel and Lt. Gov. Loren Gruber.  She also reminded the group that we would be meeting in the evening the last Tuesday of October and November at Hometown Pizza.  It is hoped that more members and Key Club members will be able to attend.  Program chairman Jerry McCarter introduced Ron Brohammer, Richmond’s city administrator, as speaker for the day.  He talked about the status of the city and with pride stated that the city is in the best financial position in recent years and that there are 51 employees with whom he is very pleased.  He then listed city projects now under way, including the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant and the development of an sssisted living complex north of the United Christian Presbyterian Church. A very timely and interesting talk.
Jerry Lester tells me that two different groups of the Hershey family visited him recently.  They were here to tour the farms and take care of various business matters.
Saturday, the square area was covered with booths and activities connected with the celebration of Outlaw Days.  I spent most of the day walking around to see everything available and to make a few purchases.  An added bonus was that I was able to visit with many friends whom I do not ordinarily see.
On Saturday evening, I attended the reunion of the Class of 1953, which was the first class I taught in Richmond and was my brother-in-law Earle Dale’s class as well.  He is never able to come, so I substitute for him.  I had to leave a little early as I wanted to make it to the celebration and music at the Farris Theatre.  I was sorry that I had eaten so much at the reunion dinner and wasn’t able to enjoy as much of all the lovely hors d’oeuvres that had been prepared.  The turnout was disappointing, but I realize it was a very busy weekend. The music and program provided was outstanding.  A clarinet quartet led by Lynn Seward Fryer, daughter of the late Ken and Nancy Seward, and also featuring Elizabeth Hamann, daughter of Charlie and Billie Hamann, was beautiful.  They played tunes from many of the musicals put on at the theatre by the Kiwanis Theatre Guild.  For me it was very nostalgic as I sang in the chorus in many of those shows.
Monday at noon, Billie Hamann and I joined the other remaining members of our Old Couples Club for lunch at the Red Lobster in Overland Park and then adjourned to the home of Fred and Paula Burress for dessert.  The weather was perfect and we always enjoy seeing each other at these monthly visits.  In October,. we will meet in Richmond and Billie Hamann is the hostess.  As usual, we will have lunch at the Tequila-Jalisco restaurant.
At the last meeting of the Rotary Club, the program was presented by Donnie Fowler on the school buses operated by his company.  Among other interesting facts, he said that the children riding school buses are much safer than those traveling by car or those walking in spite of recent accidents reported in the media. He also stated that students who ride the bus do much better academically.
Mr. Fowler is a past president of the American School Bus Council and many of these facts came from them.  He also pointed out that all of Richmond’s drivers are carefully screened, even including drug testing.  It  was also interesting to me that in Missouri almost 12,000 buses are transporting students to and from school and that in Richmond the buses are operating at capacity, traveling almost 1,000 miles a day.

Enjoy the cool fall weather and keep sending me your news.

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