Henrietta teetering in the ‘red’

By Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News

If Henrietta wants to operate in the black for the next few months, it must do some fund-shifting.

City Clerk Marjorie Long reported that news during the city’s monthly Board of Aldermen meeting on Saturday morning at Henrietta City Hall. With the town’s payroll “higher than it’s ever been” and the city’s general revenue fund at $17,000 in the red as of the most recent financial statement, Long said she’ll need to transfer funds from the city’s capital improvement fund to its general revenue fund “to keep it going until tax time.”

“It’s been coming,” she said. “We’ve all known it’s been coming.”

Long also said there would likely need to be “some changes” made to keep the general revenue fund going. According to Long, the general revenue fund has “been running negative,” but the city has pulled it from the red into the black.

“We’re just not pulling it out (of the negative) any more,” she said.

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