Debate on 2- 5- 10-plan creates more clarity

By David Knopf/Richmond News

The gap between the school board and anadministration proposal for a 2-,  5- and 10-year spending road map narrowed just enough Sept. 10 to bring the proposal to a vote and eventual 7-0 approval.

But it wasn’t without questioning by several board members who have been hesitant to back what amounts to a sketch of spending priorities rather than concrete budgets with dollars cited.

“I’m still confused what we’d be voting on with this plan,” said member Tom Williamson, who for several meetings has questioned the need to vote on a list of projects and purchases that may or may not occur in the year(s) Superintendent Damon Kizzire and other administrators project.

“We’re trying to prioritize what we’re trying to get done,” said Kizzire, who earlier in the meeting reviewed the consensus for spending priorities – technology, textbook and furniture replacement, building maintenance and capital improvements at several buildings, and teacher salaries – putting estimated costs on each where they’re available.

“Even with limited resources, we have continued to upgrade and repair,” he said. “With (our) healthiest reserves in years, maybe we can start to look at some of our deferred needs.”


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