Letter: Walmart associate reponds to letter by pointing out company’s contributions

(Editor’s note: A letter written in response to Bob Lauck’s letter “Where was our biggest retailer at hame sale?” in the July 29 Richmond News. Lauck referred to “no blue smocks in the serving line” at either the county fair’s ham breakfast or farmer appreciation dinner.)

To the Editor:

What blue smocks?
I have been employed at Walmart for 27 years. Walmart has been very giving to this community. Some of the ways Walmart gives back are Harvester’s food bank, approximately $30,000 a month; matching grants, approximately $10,000 per year; local donations to organizations, approximately $500 a month.
Special events, where the donations may be to the local organizations or are a part of these events, such as Tick or Treat Street, Easter egg hunt, Friends of the Farris, swim team, Stuff the Bus program, Back Pack program, Angel Tree, Christmas tree at the Chamber, just to list a few.
The city and county taxes alone help this community. Being the giant in retail, it is far from perfect but it does give back to our community.
I consider my company and my community a blessing. The letter last week was not only a negative letter on Walmart, but also on the 280 associates, some who would have been happy to help if only asked.
Walmart doesn’t always toot its own horn, but maybe this will bring to light what Walmart does for our community.

– Thank you, Janet Daugherty

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