Aytes joins R-XVI District administration

By David Knopf/Richmond News

Dr. Mike Aytes, Richmond’s new assistant superintendent, isn’t a computer nerd, but he does have two Smart phones and a desktop PC on his desk.

“One of the phones I inherited from my wife,” he said, almost a little defensive at having so much technology at his disposal.

But the truth of the matter is that Aytes – “it’s like number eight with an ‘S’ at the end,” he says, probably for the zillionth time he’s explained the pronounciation – has become tech-savvy because of his experiences in education.

Aytes, who took over for predecessor Julie Stevenson this summer, came to the district after a wealth of experiences in Kansas, where he moved up the food chain from teacher-coach, to building administrator to central administration.

His most recent post, a five-year stint in Manhattan overseeing teaching and curriculum for the district’s 6,400 students and 500 teachers, followed stops in Leavenworth, Great Bend, Concordia (Kansas) and Leota, a small district where he served as high school principal, athletic director and disciplinarian, all in one.

“I was forced to learn every aspect of the position, but that was very useful later on in other schools where there were additional administrators,” said Aytes, who is renting a home in Richmond with his wife Lindsey. The couple has two daughters – both teachers – and a son, all out and on their own.




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