Rabbit Tracks: Joshua must’ve been daydreaming in science

The Bible has some interesting scriptures like Joshua 10:13, where it describes how God stopped the sun for 24 hours. That was back in the days when people thought the earth was flat and the sun circled the earth. Based on what we know now, that the earth spins on its axis at about 1,100 miles an hour.
To stop the sun, the earth would have to abruptly stop. The earth might stop, but everything else would obey Newton’s second law of motion and would keep going at 1,100 miles an hour. All the trees, houses, buildings and cars would continue at that speed. Nothing would be left standing.
By the time they stopped, they would be hundreds of miles away. Even the oceans would continue on and cover most of the land masses. Talk about a tsunami! This is just a little tale to show not even the Bible is completely infallible.
– Robert Smith, RHS Class of ‘57

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